Wine culture

Experience the hospitable wine culture in the Middle Rhine Valley and along the Nahe River

Two unique wine-growing areas welcome you to the Rhine-Nahe region: The Nahe growing region, which has long been more than an insider tip even for wine lovers, and the Middle Rhine, which is one of Germany's best-known wine-growing regions. For good reason: The racy Riesling wines and bouquet-rich red wines from the Rhine and Nahe combine everything that wine connoisseurs love and appreciate about German wines.

Immerse yourself in the history of viticulture in Bacharach. In the Middle Ages, Bacharach was at the center of the European wine trade. You can still taste the variety of wines in pubs and directly from the winegrower, at one of the many convivial festivals or at a wine tasting. In addition, the chefs will serve you tasty dishes from the local cuisine. Enjoy it!

Anyone who has ever observed the winegrowers harvesting grapes in the four-valley region, above Manubach or Bacharach, on steep slopes with a gradient of more than 30 percent, will find the wine sparkling in the glass even more deliciously. Viticulture on the Middle Rhine is steep-slope viticulture. And that is exactly what makes the wines so distinctive, the Rieslings as well as the red wines. The climate is mild, the slope ensures optimal sunlight and the slate soil does the rest. A terroir that gives the wines their unique mineral, finely fruity, elegant and multifaceted character.

Discover the local wines on our Schoppenstecher tour, a guided wine tour through Bacharach with samples of the best sites. Or start out on a tour along the Nahe Wine Route, where Münster-Sarmsheim, Weiler and Waldalgesheim await you with many small Straußwirtschaften. And of course you should not miss our numerous wine festivals. You have the choice: In Bacharach-Steeg the wine blossom festival attracts you, the culinary summer night in the Bacharach Rhine complex combines wine with culinary delights, the Genheim wine festival inspires with racy Nahe wines and in the local communities hardly a summer month goes by without a festival. Celebrate with us and get to know the country and its people up close.