Vacation apartment Batek in Trechtingshausen
awarded with two DTV stars

In the Rhine-Nahe municipality, the Batek vacation apartment in Trechtingshausen is another vacation apartment that has been successfully classified according to the criteria of the German Tourism Association (DTV).

f.l.t.r.: Michael Hennemann (1st Alderman Trechtingshausen), Vera and David Batek, Karl Thorn (Mayor Verbandsgemeinde Rhein-Nahe)

After the Batek couple renovated the apartment in 2018, the family decided not only to equip the apartment in a modern and good way, but also to have it inspected according to the DTV criteria. Vera Batek was motivated to do this by the numerous positive guest reviews as well as the better marketing opportunities by means of a uniform rating standard throughout Germany. After all, the Trechtingshäuserin emphasizes:" We live there in the Rhine Valley, where other people like to spend their vacations."

During the presentation of the certificate, Mayor Karl Thorn and the first councillor of the local municipality of Trechtingshausen, Michael Hennemann, were able to convince themselves of the quality of the vacation home. Both thanked David and Vera Batek with floral gifts for their commitment and emphasized that it is important that even more accommodation businesses in the Rhine-Nahe municipality position themselves in a quality-oriented manner and take advantage of the economic opportunities offered by the Upper Middle Rhine Valley World Heritage Site. The first alderman adds: "The local community of Trechtingshausen is successfully engaged in various projects with a view to the BUGA 2029, to develop the place also touristically sustainably. With the support of the tourist information office, not only is our region being promoted, but the local accommodation businesses are also being supported."

If you would like to have your vacation home classified, please contact Rhein-Nahe Touristik in Bacharach, which can carry out the classification as a licensee of the German Tourism Association in the Rhine-Nahe Association Municipality.