Trechtingshausen was first documented in 1122, however chronicles speak of a "Castrum Trajani" during the Roman period.
This town's development is intrinsically linked with the history of the castles Rheinstein and Reichenstein, which were built in the middle ages.
Castle Reichenstein was a much-feared seat of the robber barons. The Clemenskapelle (St. Clement's Chapel), which was built in the 12th century on the banks of the Rhine is also worth a visit. Today, the recognized tourist destination has 1,100 inhabitants and can offer its guests a real sense of the romatic Rhine and its castles. The town has an
excellent infrastructure. The town's large number of
clubs clearly show that there is a sense of community here. Trechtingshausen
has already been the state's winner in the
"Unser Dorf soll schöner werden" (Our village is getting prettier) competition.

Visitor attractions:
Rheinstein Castle; Reichenstein Castle; Clemens-
kapelle (St. Clement's Chapel); Old ramparts; Village museum.

(approx 1,100 inhabitants, 823 ha)

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