Niederheimbach lies in the Rhine-Nahe
forest and recreation area, nestled in the valleys
of the Rhine and the Heimbach, and at the
foot of Heimburg castle, built in 1290. Niederheimbach was first documented
in 983. You can still find the remains of the old
town wall along the Heimbach river.
Sooneck castle, which also belongs to
Niederheimbach and was built in 1011, used to be
a much-feared seat of the robber barons.
Today it is run by the state and is used as a tourist
museum. Niederheimbach is
well known for its wines and offers all its
guests a restful stay.
Walks through the surrounding beech and pine forests, including to the "Siebenburgenblick"
viewpoint (which offers a view of seven castles) are always a great experience. Niederheimbach is
easy to reach by bus, train and boat.

Visitor attractions:
Hohneck Castle (Heimburg); Sooneck Castle;
Siebenburgblick (seven castles' viewpoint); "Artists'" Train Station;
Castle Garden Center (Concerts in the vine greenhouse); Kuhweg biotope;
Church of the Ascension of the Virgin (Maria Himmelfahrt);
Educational vineyard walk

(approx. 900 inhabitants, 711 ha)

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