Bacharach was first documented
in 871. For centuries the town has been famous for growing and trading wine. Back in the middle
ages, Bacharach was known around the
world as a main storage station for wines from the
Middle Rhine, Nahe and Rheingau, and was one of the best known wine regions.

The region's tourist information office is
located in Bacharach. The medieval town with its
ancient town walls, Stahleck castle (one of the
nicest youth hostels in the Rhine Valley), the gothic
Wernerkapelle, and the Stahlberg ruins in the
village of Steeg have been attracting tourists
for many years.
A comprehensive network of hiking trails, boat trips
on the Rhine, wine tastings, cosy restaurants and hotels - our guests have an extensive range
of activities to chose from to enjoy their vacation and

Visitor attractions:
The "Altes Haus", the market square; Wernerkapelle;
the old "Posthof"; Church of St. Peter (Protestant); Stahleck Castle;
Customs yard with Church of St. Nikolaus (Catholic);
Kurpfälzische Münze (former mint);
Kurpfälzer Amtskeller (now Town Hall); mostly
preserved town wall (ring wall and towers);
many picturesque half-timbered houses in Bacharach
and Steeg; Church of St. Anna (Protestant) in Steeg;
ruins of Stahlberg castle in Steeg; Roman road
in the "Kühlberg" area.

(approx 2,250 inhabitants, 2.331 ha)

Bacharach's history
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