Did you know
that a whole host of hotels in the Rhine-Nahe region offer hiking
holidays with a baggage transport service? Your luggage is transported to
your next destination while you walk! That the tourist information
office has addresses ready for you?

That wine-making grapes were already
being grown on the banks of the Rhine and Nahe 2000 years ago?

That our climate is recommended by doctors as
being particularly good for recuperation?
That Bacchus, the God of Wine,
rolls through the streets of
Bacharach once a year on a barrel?

That the Fürstengrab (Prince's Grave) in Waldalgesheim
is one of the most important archeological finds from the Celtic period?

That you can visit seven castles in
the Rhine-Nahe district alone?

That we have set up one of the densest
networks of hiking trails in the Bingen Forest
and along the rivers Rhine and Nahe?

That Trechtingshausen and Bacharach have
marvellous sandy beaches?

That the oldest German-language wine guild is the "Weinzunft
Bacchus" in Bacharach?

That we can offer not only a comprehensive range of
accomodation, from holiday apartments through to hotels,
but that many of these have received awards
for their particular quality?

That you can still find medieval arrowheads
at Castle Reichestein, and that you can enjoy a romatinc evening with a
candlelight dinner?

That you can discover the "blunt tower", a characteristic
symbol visible for miles around, in Münster-Sarmsheim, the
gateway to the Nahe wine route?

That the oldest part of Münster-
Sarmsheim's trademark, the Church of St. Peter and Paul,
dates back to the second half of the 12th century?

That you can enjoy wonderful views of the countryside
from more than 20 viewpoints?

That Oberheimbach is the largest wine-growing village
in the Middle-Rhine valley, and that it is the starting point
for a whole host of hikes in the Bingen Forest and
along the Rhine?
That the climatic conditions in our region have created
an area of retreat for lots of animals and plants that
are otherwise native to mediterranean Europe?

That Bacharach is one of the most beautifully
preserved historical towns on the Rhine?

That there is a "cultural train station" in Niederheimbach,
which attracts visitors from near and far
with its numerous exhibitions?

That the oldest wine festival in the Middle Rhine valley
is held in Bacharach every year in the first weekend of October?
That you can find Celtic burial mounds in the
Bingen Forest, the Münster Forest and in the Bacharach

That there is still a tradition of wine drayage in the Diebach valley,
and that they demonstrate this tradition at

That the Rhine-Nahe region has two excellent
long-distance cycle paths along the rivers Rhine and

That you can enjoy a wide range of sporting activities
in our region, including cycling, tennis, hiking, golf,
and rock-climbing?

That our wine-makers can offer you tours of the vineyards
with tastings and tours of their cellars over and above
their interesting wine tastings?