Burg Stahleck-Kühlberg-Neurath-Sonnenhöhe with
visit to the excavated Roman road (Römerstrasse);
Church of St. Peter - Werner's Chapel - Castle. From
castle courtyard excellent views of Rhine valley and Hunsrück and Taunus
hills. It is not possible to view the inside of the castle,
as it is used as a youth hostel. Climb further via
Schlossberg - Kühlberg - Neurath (possibility
to stop off/visit restaurant) Sonnenhöhe (viewpoint) - Helksweg - Station - Mainzer Strasse. Total route approx 3.0 km. Duration approx. 1 hour. The Roman road
has only recently been excavated. This is part of the road
along the Kühlberg with grooves or tracks left
from Roman chariots that have been hammered or
ground into the rock of the cliff face along a strech of around 50m.

Rhine-side park - Camp ground - Rhine-side path
(towpath) Rheindiebach (Fürstenberg) - Niederheimbach - ferry.
Simple distance 4,2km. Hike takes 1.5 hours there
and back, cross the Rhine with the ferry to Lorch on
the right bank. Then take a wander
through the old town. Visit the 16th century Hilchenhaus
and the gothic Church of St. Martin from the 13th or 14th
centuy, then return along the same route.

Lower Rhine-side Terrace Medenscheid - Neurath
(250 m above sea level);
Marktplatz - Oberstrasse - Mainzer Strasse - Footpath beside
main B9 road going south towards the cemetary - Climb up
Winzbach valley to Medenscheid - Viewpoint in Medenscheid overlooking Rhine
- Bombach valley - Neurath (restaruant) -
Sonnenhöhe (viewpoint) - Helksweg
- Train Station - Mainzer Strasse. Total route approx 6 km.
Duration approx. 2 hours.

Steeg - Stahlherg ruins
Marktplatz/Church of St. Peter - Malerwinkel (underneath
"Steeger Tor" on the Münzbach river) - Liebesturm - Turn off path to
- Nauheim - Path to "Wildgehege" (animal enclosure) (north side) - Steeg,
at Gründel Zehnthaus - Church of St.Anna - Borbach-
strasse with long stretch of half-timbered houses - Hasenmühle (mill)-
Mühlberg - Stahlberg ruins- Dorweiler Tal - Borbachtal
- Back through Steeger Tal. Total route approx 7 km.
Duration approx. 2 hours. Restaurants in Steeg.

Rabenkopf (395 m above sea level)
Marktplatz/Church of St. Peter - Oberstrasse - Mainzer Strasse -
Rheinblickstrasse - Bombachtal - Neurath - Römerstraße (Roman road)
Rabenkopf (wonderful views) - Kühlberg - Raben-
tempel (Pavillion with viewpoint) - Burg Stahleck - Werner-
kapelle - Church of St. Peter. Total route approx 8 km. Duration
approx. 2-2.5 hours. Restaurant in Neurath.

Marktplatz/Church of St. Peter- Steeger Tor - Blücherstrasse -
Nauheim - Mönchsrinne - Wolfshöhle (Vineyards) -
Vogelswiese - Henschhäuser Heide (Henschhausen Heath) (339 m above sea level) -
Rheinblickhof - Henschhausen (opportunity for a break and
restaurant) - Leimbachtal (past the
Mathias Weingarten and Hahn vineyards) - old B9 road
(past the island Heyles'en Werth) - Koblenzer Strasse.
Total route approx 10 km. Duration approx. 3 hours.

Upper Rhine-side Terrace (360 m above sea level)
Marktplatz - Oberstrasse - Mainzer Strasse - Helksweg
(Path to Neurath) - Sonnenhöhe - Neurath (Restaurant)
Römerstrasse (Roman road)- Hiking hut "Nagelsnack"
(viewpoint) Römerstrasse - Turn off to Winzberg
- Medenscheid - Winzbach valley (past Kloster Fürstenthal
vineyard) - Cemetary/Main B9 road - Railway
underpass - Rhine-side path (towpath) - Camp ground
- Rhine-side park. Total route approx 10 km.
Duration approx. 3 hours.

Rhine-side park - Campground - Rhine-side path -
Rheindiebach (Fürstenberg ruins) - Gailsbachtal - Oberdiebach
- Manubach (several well-kept half-timbered houses,
opportunities for groups to rest, restaurant) - Winzberg -
Medenscheid - Winzbach valley - main B9 road - Mainzer
Strasse - Oberstasse. Total route approx 12 km.
Duration approx. 4 hours.

Römerstrasse (Roman road) - Bacharach Forest
Train station - Helksweg - Neurather Weg - Sonnenhöhe -
Neurath - Römerstraße (Roman road) - Hiking hut "Nagelsnack" -
Römerstrasse - Landgraben - Römerstrass - Resting and hiking point
Blüchertal (Blücher Valley) - Road No. 224 (Rheinböllen-
Steeg) - Restaurant/Café Schönblick (wonderful views down
the Steeg valley to the Rhine) - Steeg - Blücher-
strasse - Church of St. Peter. Total route approx 15 km.
Duration approx. 4-4.5 hours.